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How to Make Everyone Happy: Learn to Balance the Needs of Users and IT at BrainShare

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As more collaboration and filesharing apps hit the market, IT is deluged with requests from employees wanting to bring outside applications into the enterprise. It’s your job to make things as easy as possible for your employees, but to say yes to end users you also must balance your organization’s need for security and control. How do you do all that while keeping total cost of ownership low? Join us at BrainShare 2014, the premier user and technical training conference for Attachmate, NetIQ and Novell customers, to learn firsthand from some of the best brains in IT. This is our first time participating in this longstanding conference and we’re very excited to be involved. BrainShare sessions cover everything from technical labs covering the nitty gritty product use cases to big picture discussions about the latest industry trends. If you’re interested in hearing about data security and file transfer, check out the following sessions:

  • Files gone wild (and how to regain control). Significant shifts in the way people work in the global economy are making it harder for IT leaders to protect vital information assets. It is increasingly difficult to keep track of the exponential growth in the number of files exchanged and to control who has access to them. Users who work remotely and interact with external business partners are going mobile with their file access whether you want them to or not. This means a surge of new platforms and devices, not to mention free file-sharing apps. If you can’t offer file transfer to mobile workers, they’ll get it elsewhere—and security won’t be a priority. This session will discuss and demonstrate how to use Filr, FileXpress, and the File Management suite together to meet the demands of this ever-changing IT environment.
  • Integrating FileXpress into your web single sign-on (SSO) environment. Today’s workplace requires a growing number of usernames and passwords to access your company’s vital information systems, from network portals, webmail, back-end systems, cloud-based applications, and much more. This can lead to “weak” passwords or the overuse of a single password which, if stolen, can create vulnerability across multiple accounts and to multiple resources. In this session, we will demonstrate the integration of FileXpress into an existing web single sign-on (SSO) environment. This session will go into detail on methods that can be used to integrate into various environments.
  • Managed File Transfer (MFT) customer case studies. In this session, we’ll take an in-depth dive into real-world managed file transfer deployments for some of our largest customers. We will explore APIs, automating transfers when files arrive in a directory, auditing, reporting, alerting, delegated administration, and some custom solutions in implementation of a secure MFT infrastructure.

For more on what you can expect at BrainShare 2014, check out this video:


You can also dig into the complete list of sessions and register to attend BrainShare 2014 on the website:

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